Budapest conference on refugee “crisis”

Experts from 11 countries discussed 
nationalism and xenophobia in 
Budapest in the context of refugee "crisis".




A Szubjektív Értékek Alapítvány és a Dialógus Platform Egyesület meghívja Önt a „Műhelybeszélgetés az iszlamofóbiáról” című szakmai rendezvényre.

Időpont: 2016. október 21., 17:00-18:30

Helyszín: Dialógus Platform Egyesület, Budapest 1061, Andrássy út 16., II. em.

A részvétel ingyenes, de előzetes regisztrációhoz kötött. Részvételi szándékát okt. 21. 12:00-ig (dél) jelezze az e-mail címre.

The European Migration Network discussed our initiative

On March 26 Marcell Lőrincz was a guest speaker at EMN meeting in the building of Ministry of Interiors. Mr. Lőrincz described the project “Fostering immigrants’ political participation in nine EU countries” and presented the idea, how Hungary shall give more rights and opportunities to foreigner communities to be more active in the political life. Granting a wider electoral right, running advisory bodies and supporting NGOs would cause a more integrated immigration in Hungary and despite the current political communication about immigration Subjective Values Foundation promotes a more welcoming atmosphere for the newcomers.

Recommendations on foreigners’ political participation

In the framework of the project “Fostering political participation and policy involvement of immigrants in 9 Central and Eastern EU countries” the Subjective Values Foundation did analysis on three different topics and we formulated recommendations with a brief situation description.

Immigrants coming outside of EU

On the first of July the EU presidency is switched to Cyprus. Among the serious problems EU is facing the new presidency tries to focus on the topic immigrants coming from outside of EU countries.

Migrants to have a voice

People from all continents participated in a training/workshop on Friday March 30 to kick-start a project aiming to create a medium in which to raise migrants’ voice in an attempt to foster better relationship between migrants and Hungarians.