Racist crime in the EU: increasing, under-reported, destroying lives

What a surprise! No equal opportunities in jobs for ethnic and religious minorities in Europe

For Black people, Roma, Muslims, migrants from non-EU countries, and women with a minority or migrant background living in Europe, discrimination is a major obstacle when looking for a job. Even once in employment, things don’t get better. This is the conclusion of ENAR’s 2012/13 Shadow Report on racism and discrimination in employment in Europe, released ahead of International Day Against Racial Discrimination. The Subjective Values Foundation is organising a round-table discussion with the experts of the report.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Brussels, 27 January 2014 – Today is the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Anti-racist organisations are seriously concerned about the prevalence of anti-Semitism in Europe and pledge to join forces to curb racism in European society, whoever the victims may be.