MARS Media Against Racism in Sport

MARS, Media Agaisnt Racism in Sports is a joint programme between the European Union and its Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme and the Council of Europe.  

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This programme provided a great opportunity for media professionals and other people who are interested in Media Against Racism in Sport project to show the range of their practice. It is very inclusive and intercultural way of producing media content in such topic. The event itself was provided in a very professional and well-organized way.

All registered participants were met with a nice welcoming at the entrance of the conference after what they were invited to the event’s room. The room was nicely prepared with a big table of different kind of food and drinks.


The opening session started at 2 o’clock as it was planed and was nicely handled with the translator for international people. After the session everyone had break before the beginning of the formation of working groups.

People had small chats by enjoying also food and drinks that were prepared for everyone. The spirit of all process was very nice and friendly.

After words, all participants were divided into two groups of Hungarian and international language speakers and sent to different rooms were they were separated into pairs and informed about their responsibilities. Tasks had to be of course dedicated to followed topic Media Against Racism in Sport and presented in two days. So, everyone were giving ideas about such topics as How there are so many female in sport when it’s more male area or sport professionals with migrant background. There were some people who had an idea to take interviews from sportsmen and ask them what kind of racism issues they faced and etc.

The ending of the first day was nicely closed with a dinner at the restaurant named Stex Haz, where people could have a rest, chat and good food.

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