MARS Media Against Racism in Sport- Topic presentation

MARS gave a good opportunity for media professionals and other people to show their knowledge and practice in a team work. It is very inclusive and intercultural way of producing media content in such topic.

After two days of working on the project’s topics, all media professionals, jury and participants gathered at DUMA in order to present and have a good time. DUMA has really nice atmosphere for working or having such meetings like MARS organized due to the design, food that was provided like croissants, jam, soft drinks, coffee, tea etc. International people were given headphones for translation. So, everything seemed very well-organized on professional level.

At the beginning, people who arrived earlier had their breakfasts and nice chat with each other. When everyone has arrived, the session started at the scheduled time. Firstly, Monika, who is the organizer of the conference, asked participants to say couple of words about how they felt about the project, how the work was going on, what kind of problems they faced and was it the most interesting. Almost everyone agreed that it was a nice opportunity to get known each other and get deeply into the topic of Racism in Sport. After all discussions, the session moved on first four presentations after which jury were giving nice feedbacks.








All presenters were very different from each other. Some of them had interviews at Radio, some of them made video interviews and some only presented by their speech. Topics were so various from each other and very interesting like women in sport, sportsmen migrants, marshal art etc. Of course, the audience was well-educated about Racism but after this project, surely, they have got some deeper information.

When a small break ended, everyone returned back to their tables and had other left presentations with funny videos and professional interviews. The fourth day ended with a speech of all media professionals and organizers who were pleased everyone for coming and welcomed to continue working together and then there was a nice lunch.

This MARS Media Against Racism in Sport project has united people and gave them a great opportunity getting new contacts, having a great time, educating themselves a bit dipper and getting new friends.

Media Agaisnt Racism in Sports is a joint programme between the European Union and its Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme and the Council of Europe.  More information about the programme can be found in the following link: