Green Fountain – Pollution

Our project called „How can I pollute less, how can I avoid pollution?” was carried out between August 2016 and May 2017 with support from the Green Fountain project of the Ministry of Agriculture.

We created an interactive website that provides information about pollutants that affect the air, our homes and our buildings. The site, that had previously been run partially by the Clean Air Action Group, was revamped, and it functions as a news site, providing news about environmental safety, environmental health, pollution and the discontinuation of chemicals.

We created the Facebook group called Harmful Chemicals Blog, where we post regularly, and which also has the “ask the expert” feature that was very popular on the website.

We published the 24-page-long Chemicals Manual (in Hungarian), which offers tips on how we can decrease our own environmental effect and how we can protect ourselves (what to do in case of smog, natural and more environmentally conscious alternatives for personal hygiene, clothing and everyday life).

We delivered interactive classes about environmental issues to elementary and high-school students, who could get acquainted with the importance of this subject, and learn about the protection of the environment and methods for protecting themselves against pollution in a playful way.