Call for Presentations: Refugee Crisis and Radical Nationalism in Central and Eastern Europe

Subjective Values Foundation invites scholars, professionals and students to submit presentation proposals for its conference entitled “Refugee Crisis and Radical Nationalism in Central and Eastern Europe.”

Abstract Deadline: October 26, 2016

Conference Dates: November 3-4, 2016

Location: Dialogue Platform Association

Budapest 1061, Andrássy út 16, 2nd floor

Despite not being major targets of immigration, countries in the CEE region have recently shown a strong hostility towards refugees arriving in Europe from conflict-stricken areas in the Middle East and Africa. Some of these CEE countries are among the strongholds of far-right political extremism in the continent, which in turn pushes mainstream politics towards a stronger nationalist stance. Due to this drift, a number of governments from the region tend to oppose addressing the refugee crisis at a European level by mandatory refugee distribution quotas, some instead pledging to defend Europe’s Christian roots, regardless their growing lack of workforce. These developments eventually pose a challenge to visions of the EU as a politically stable community with a common set of values grounded in the respect of human rights. In such an environment, civil society faces an increased responsibility in a range of areas, from challenging Islamophobic narratives to monitoring the treatment of refugees.


Against this backdrop, we invite 20-minute presentations focusing on good practices in addressing the challenges emerging in the following areas:


  • The Refugee Crisis: Its Effects on Radical and Mainstream Politics
  • Racism, Xenophobia and Islamophobia: Recent Trends of Public Attitudes
  • Civil and Grassroots Responses to the Rise of Radical Nationalism – From Countering Stereotyping Representations and Hate Speech to Monitoring and Defending Human Rights
  • The Future of the EU’s Asylum, Migration and Social Inclusion Policies


Please send your abstract of up to 300 words and a short biography by October 26, 2016, to


The conference is part of the project “Debating New Phenomena of Refugee Migration in Central Europe” co-funded by the European Union.