We Are Here

‘WE ARE HERE’ is a pan-European digital media project that gives a voice to people, who face challenges, struggles or barriers in their everyday lives.

Szubjektiv, in partnership with artists, photographers and digital filmmakers, is producing images and films as a series of revealing self-portraits – insightful visual statements about their lives and circumstances, their identity, hopes, dreams, aspirations, past and future.

The project aims to give a voice to the people and communities that rarely get a chance to speak out about who they are, how they feel and the things that matter to them.


‘WE ARE HERE’ works in four European countries: in the UK, with teenage parents through a partnership with CAMPAIGN TRAIL UK, producing media content and campaigns about young people in transition; with young people at risk of social exclusion in the Veneto Region of Italy; and segregated Roma communities in Hungary and Serbia.

The project also directly engages with the European Year of Poverty and Social Inclusion through events and conferences being organised by the Social Inclusion Regional Group (SIRG), in Brussels and Northeast UK.

Work will be exhibited at SIRG events and in public spaces, billboards and transport networks in each of the four participating countries.

‘WE ARE HERE’ is funded by the European Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency through the Culture Fund and is also supported, through CAMPAIGN TRAIL UK, by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Northern Rock Foundation and UK Regional Screen Agencies, through the UK Screen Council’s Digital Film Archive Fund.

More info: www.wearehere.tv


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