Volunteering and Community Building at Sziget Festival – Having Fun, Doing Good, Making a Difference!

For nearly 15 years, the Subjective Values Foundation has been actively present among the organizations at the Civil Island of Sziget Festival, and thanks to the opportunities provided by the InclusEU project, this year we were joined by 42 new volunteers to organize various programs, showcase our organization’s valuable activities, engage visitors, and recruit volunteers who fight for acceptance and sustainability alongside us.

How could a festival get any better than when a group of like-minded, enthusiastic people sets up camp, all there to help, inspire, and raise awareness?

 That’s exactly what happened at the Subjective Values Foundation’s tent during this year’s Sziget Festival!

If you didn’t catch us, here’s a brief summary!

Through effective communication before and during the festival with the main coordination team, we aimed to encourage people to participate in volunteer activities. This proved successful, as with our 42 volunteers, 6 mentors, and the main coordination team, we embarked on realizing our colorful program between August 10th and 15th.

Our organizational efforts proved fruitful as hundreds of people surrounded our tent and joined in the activities we offered. There were simple games like Human Rights Bingo, panel discussions about volunteering with well-known influencers like Kapi Levente or Kovács Péter, but also numerous interactive programs – sustainable patchwork workshops with the ORABURA team, myth-busting puzzles regarding the situation of women – all in exchange for valuable gifts.

Once again, the festival this year provided us with an opportunity to directly engage with the audience, spread awareness, which is one of our organization’s main objectives.

Countless project outcomes were disseminated at Sziget, but our experiences indicate that the participation of the InclusEU project at Sziget Festival brought numerous benefits to both the project and the festival participants, as many registered as new members of our volunteer program!

See you next year!

Until then: