The history of fascism in Hungary

The event has been organized on 27th of November and took place in Nagy Diofa utca right next to Masolit books. This supposed to be a conference but the organizers decided to make it as a workshop that everyone could participate, add something and contribute. The organizers of the evening are KLIT organization and Infoshop that were set up half a year ago. However, the place was really nice, full of posters of their events, books, prints and brochures. KLIT and Infoshop also had some prints that were made like books on the topic of the evening. They were asking for some small support around 200-300 Ft, as they are young foundations, if some people would love to take those prints.

            The workshop supposed to start at 17:00 o’clock but some people were coming late. When everyone arrived, they were around 20 people; the lecturer started his speech and asked everyone to have some small introduction. Most of the audience was feminists, activists, history students and fascists. The evening was recorded with a dictaphone on a phone, as an audience agreed that it is fine for everyone.

            The lecturer started with a deep dark past of Hungarian fascism in Hungary, as there were lots of international people present. He was also showing maps to the audience, how Hungary was changing trough the time. The visitors were adding some information, some of them were even arguing with each other. However, the topic of the evening was brought to the visitors and discussed   between everyone.

            The workshop was nicely organized because everyone were relaxed, listening, talking, having some drinks etc. The atmosphere was friendly and welcomed. What was really surprising; people met at first time but it seemed like they knew each other for a long period of time; they were so friendly, talkative and nice.