Our InclusEU volunteers visited Rzeszów!

During the Rzeszów Volunteer Info Days, members of the Hungarian delegation gained valuable experience and professional knowledge. Over the course of three days, they immersed themselves in various aspects of volunteering and European Union opportunities through numerous programs and presentations.

On the first day, participants had the opportunity to engage informally through the opening gala and shared dinner. Time spent at the Konfitura restaurant allowed representatives from the Subjective Values Foundation, including Péter Kovács, the professional leader of the SZUBI Volunteer Program, as well as volunteers from the organization, Regina Novákovics and Gábor Ponty, to interact casually with project partners and international volunteers.

The second day featured several professional presentations and workshops. After registration, Marek Duda, representing the Rzeszow Regional Development Agency, welcomed the participants. Topics highlighted included assistance provided during the Covid-19 pandemic, support for healthy lifestyles through volunteering, and assistance for social groups.

The professional presentations provided participants with the opportunity to learn about the work and practices of other European volunteer organizations, benefiting the entire project.

The third day continued with a series of professional programs. In addition to presentations and workshops, various cultural programs and city tours enriched the day. Through these activities, we got a closer look at the city of Rzeszów and its cultural life.

The experiences gained during the event and the newly acquired knowledge contribute to the development of Hungarian volunteers’ work and inspire them to participate in future projects.

We would like to thank our Polish partners for organizing the event, and we look forward to meeting in Romania!