European youngsters met with politicians in Brussels

Following the meeting in Rome, a common European youth conference in Brussels has been organized in March 2018 which is called ‘’Pimp My Europe’’.

It is a youth project that aims to give young Europeans a chance to discuss their European values and their picture of tomorrow’s Europe with each other and in exchange with European decision makers.

The participants are quite diverse that consist of youth and young adults between 16 and 27 years of age, with and without a refugee background, and many did not had a great deal of prior contact with politics.

More than 50 youngsters from Germany, Italy and Hungary have gathered to share and discuss ideas with Members of the European Parliament face-to-face and via Skype. During the program, several workshops, a visit to the EU Parliament, and six thematic discussion groups have been organized dealing with subjects the youngsters are especially interested in :

European Projects
European Constitutions
War & Peace

After preparing for the selected topics, a youth conference has been organized with the participation of MEPs. The participants presented and discussed their results together with politicians from the three participating countries and also both youngsters and politicians asked each other questions. At the end of the discussions with MEPs, some of the groups wrote a proposal about their topic to their MEPs and asked to be in contact with them.

Background information can be found in the presentation here.