Europe for citizens – 6 Refugee Related Conferences Project Launched in Central Europe

Six leading Central European NGOs and a Lithuanian partner Diversity Development Group launched a new project called Debating New Phenomena of Refugee Migration in the Central Europe.
The Project aims at bringing together experts and citizens from Eastern and Central EU MS at six conferences in six states to discuss six main new phenomena concerning refugees arising in the seven participating countries in last years, explain current EU policies in asylum and migration, discuss Future Europe. Volunteers, academicians, experts and relevant stakeholders should be invited to the conferences. The topics and locations of the two days long conferences are the following:

1) danger of extremism, nationalism and political radicalism (Budapest)
2) role of media and journalists in the refugee debate and impact of propaganda (Prague)
3) volunteering in times of refugee crisis (Ljubljana)
4) new approaches on education of children and youngsters on different cultures and refugees (Krakow)
5) role of academicians and religious leaders (Bratislava)
6) synergies between different social groups in solidarity actions towards refugees and the role of civil society (Zagreb)