Seven European organizations working in the fields of non-formal education, youth work and art joined together for this two-year-long Erasmus+ funded project (running between September 2018 and December 2020) to support the social inclusion of young newcomers in Europe in innovative ways. Our aim is to support the linguistic education of newly arrived young immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers by supplementing traditional linguistic education with non verbal communication.

Our project combines the development of non-verbal communication skills with the non-formal learning environments of performing arts and media. We are developing an innovative art-based methodology for linguistic education through non-verbal communication. We will also include the local youth (especially the disadvantaged ones who are more at risk of radicalisation) in the linguistic training in order to help them become more familiar with the various cultures of the newcomers and to minimize xenophobic feelings and attitudes.

The guidebook we developed during the project can be downloaded both in Hungarian and in English.