Community Conflict Transformation Through Youth Work

From 11th to 18th August, with the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, we participated in the training “Community Conflict Transformation Through Youth Work” in Vienna, Austria, together with 30 other youth workers from Austria, Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, Spain and Poland.

* The aim of the training was to increase the capacity of youth workers to use conflict transformation tools and strategies to turn youth social problems into positive impacts.

Here are our impressions:

Hani: It was a very excting experience, because i was able to widen my perspectives on the topic of conflict management. The training course was able to gave me thw necesseray skills that i will need in the future in this field. Besides this i met amazing people and we build and a very diversied community.

Lili: For me this course was an amazing opportunity to have an insight into my study field. I had the opportunity to try myself out in a new environment, and meet amazing people. The training course was very well structured and touchef upon very exciting topics. I liked the creative learning opportunity the training offered.

Gergo: Through this training course I was able to learn new ways of not just ‘conflict transformation’, but methods for learning academically. Another huge takeaway was having the opportunity to socialize with people who hold similar views and ambitions, who are also really fun to hang out with.