Turks and Arabs in Budapest

The Foundation of Subjective Values was also represented at the Colours Festival on April 14 in Budapest at the cinema Odeon Lloyd. The cultural project is aiming to raise awareness about the integration efforts of immigrants in Hungary. This time the Turkish and Arab communities were in focus.

The moderator of the discussions Marcell Lőrincz underlined the fact, that immigrants in Hungary are usually having higher education than Hungarians and they are also much more active on the labour market, as most of them are in their active ages. Because of this reason Hungary is gaining workforce and taxpayers in the same time, so the state should encourage immigrants and support their integration. Other speakers were talking about the common history of the nations and similarities of the cultures.  The documentary called  ”Horses are running on each day of Allah” had very positive feedback from the audience and it can be watched in Hungarian at this link

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