Call for Applications: Free Training Programs for Migrants and Migrant NGOs in Hungary

Are you a non-EU citizen living in Hungary and plan to start your own NGO? Do you already work/volunteer for a migrant organization or look for a career in the civil society sector? Then the free training programs offered by Subjective Values Foundation in the fall and winter of 2017-2018 are ideal for you.

The four 30-hour capacity building programs cover the topics of management, fundraising, communication and intercultural skills, and can be completed independently from each other.

The aim of this series of training programs is to develop the capacity of migrant NGOs and prepare non-EU citizens to create their own NGOs so that they can effectively advocate the interests of their communities. To additionally further these aims, a limited number of participants will be offered legal assistance to start their organizations. Those registered in the program will also be invited to take part in a series of consultative roundtables with public authorities and administrative bodies, alongside and after the trainings.

Although the subject areas of the four training programs are related, separate certificates are granted upon completing each, and any of them can be joined without the prerequisite of completing the previous ones.


Falk1 Event Centre – Edutus House
1055 Budapest, Falk Miksa u. 1

Training Programs

1) The Legal and Ethical Foundations of NGO Management: 8 Sept – 6 Oct 2017

  • The Situation of Nonprofit Organizations in Hungary (12 hours)

  • Creating a Nonprofit Organization in Hungary (6 hours)

  • Nonprofit Organizations and Organizational Leadership (12 hours)

2) Fundraising and Resource Management: 20 Oct – 17 Nov 2017

  • Organizational Resources in the Nonprofit Organization: Human Resources and Cooperation Between Nonprofit Organizations (12 hours)

  • The Economy of Nonprofit Organizations: The Areas of Fundraising, Fundraising Opportunities (6 hours)

  • Grant Opportunities and Successful Application (12 hours)

3) Communication for NGOs: 1 Dec 2017 – 12 Jan 2018

  • Communication of the Nonprofit Organization (15 hours)

  • Social Media Use and Effective Advertising of the NGO (15 hours)

4) Social and Cultural Skill Development: 26 Jan – 2 March 2018

  • The Nonprofit Sector in Hungary (12 hours)

  • Intercultural Competences in Practice (6 hours)

  • Hungarian Society, History and Culture in a Nutshell (12 hours)

Who We Are Looking For

Representatives of migrant NGOs registered in Hungary (leaders, staff, long-term volunteers) or non-EU citizens legally residing in Hungary, with a knowledge of English. Migrant NGOs are defined here as civil society organizations with non-EU citizens making up more than 50% of their members and leaders or employees.

Additional Features

10 of the organizations or individuals who complete all four training programs between September 2017 and March 2018 will be eligible for:

  • 5 hours of legal consultation for migrant NGOs or non-EU citizens

  • A one-time stipend

An organization can be represented by a different staff member/volunteer in each of the four training programs, with a professional profile relevant to the specific course. Individuals not representing a migrant organization qualify for these incentives only if they found an NGO by the end of the training series.

How to Apply

To apply, send your CV to Deadline for applications: ongoing until placements are filled.

The series of training programs is part of the project “Complex training and mentoring program to strengthen the political participation of migrants”, financed by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of the European Union.