Become a Living Book or join us as a migrant journalist!

We are looking for migrants living in Hungary to participate in the project called Voice4Migrants.

We are looking for volunteers for two activities:

  • Migrant Library event in May 2019, Budapest
  • Ongoing participation in the project for migrants who have a background in journalism with the possibility to attend an international journalist training.

About the project:

Together with our friends from Media4Change and UNITED for Intercultural Action, we are currently working on the Voice4Migrants Project. The aim of Voice4Migrants is to foster dialogue on policies of migrant integration and the reception of refugees across European countries, and to enable European citizens to develop counter-narratives to hate speech. It will also provide migrants with the opportunity to share their experiences of integration polices with the public.

What is the Migrant Library?

Within this project, we will organize a Migrant Library in May 2019 in Budapest. This innovative activity will give an opportunity for migrants to enter the Parliament buildings and share their stories and struggles with politicians. Participants will make use of the Human Library, a non-formal educational method that promotes mutual understanding, tolerance and respect for human rights. Operating under the principle that “Everyone has a story, but not all stories are in the books”, the Human Library has proved highly effective is schools and community projects.

Developing a Human Library is a special process – migrants and refugees will be empowered to participate as ‘living books’ – able to feel safe as they tell their stories and answer questions. Participants will get to share their experiences with migrants from other countries whose experiences may be both different and similar.

Would you like to participate in the Migrant Library in Budapest and share your story as a “living book”? We are currently planning to organize the Migrant Library in Budapest in May, shortly before the European Elections at the end of May 2019.

If you have a background in journalism…

If you have a background in journalism, we also invite you to become an active part of the Voice4Migrants project. We are looking for stories and insights of migrants to share with the international audience of the project. The content is largely up to you – our aim is to give a bigger voice for migrants and a platform to share what you want to share. The project also offers the opportunity to participate in an international training in April 2019 for active journalists.

If you are interested in taking part, please contact us at, so we can give you more information on how you can be a changemaker as a part of the Voice4Migrants project.

Let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!