A movie night at the DocuArt

On the 8th of November Szubjektiv Foundation organized a free movie night at the DocuArt. The event had a nice conversation with the director Erika Szanto, on the life and work of Sztehlo Gabor. After that the movie “Blessed is the match” by Roberta Grossman was shown on the screen. The movie was in English with Hungarian subtitles because the audience that came was mix of Hungarians and foreign people. The event was visited by quiet a lot people and not only by old generation but by young ones as well. It was a pleasure to see that international students were interested in history of Hungary.

“The Blessed is the match” is a very interesting and exiting movie about the life of Szenes Hanna. This movie beautifully encapsulates her tragically short life. This documentary seamlessly tells the story of a Joan of Arc-like young woman who risked her life to save her people. The story is told in a painterly and poetic way that seduces and lulls the viewer in.  We have got very good feedbacks from people who watched it. Those young students, who came to watch a movie, not only thought about historical facts of old times but they also saw an old Budapest. Students said that they watched a movie with a big pleasure because it was interesting to see how streets looked like before, what nice old trams were at that time etc. However, most of them felt touched due to Hana’s hard life and upset end of the movie.

“The movie itself was quite moving and interesting due its historical part. It brought the atmosphere of that time and gave the opportunity to the audience to try and see the Jews pressures themselves. The small “cinema” place located in the beautiful part of Budapest and when you come in you can already get quite historical feeling. The old-fashioned style of the place makes it cozy and kind of antiquarian. However the audience was not really mixed – there were either young or older generation, which brought so to speak “unmatched associations” about the people, because the gap was quite big. To conclude it is worth to say that it would be really good to promote such movie evenings, so that to attract people to know their history more”- said Anna, who was one of the audience.

After the movie on the Life of Szenes Hanna there were two more movies shown from the Lauder Javne High school BP on Holocaust survivors.

The movies evening was amazingly well-organized and it was well-provided the knowledge of Hungarian history.